[CD] "Scheherazade" Tomomi Nishimoto conducting the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra

RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Scheherazade, Op.35
LISZT: Les Preludes
LISZT: Der Tanz in Dorfschenke, "Mephisto Waltz No.1"

Conductor: Tomomi Nishimoto
The Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra

Regarding "Scheherazade", I would like to hear "live" this performance so much. It is very much lyric and I can feel various wonderful colours hearing this piece. (We can see such colours hearing music conducted by maestro Tomomi almost always.) I think it is very high quality and beautiful performance.

It is very hot in Tokyo now, but while I hear this music in this CD, it brings to my mind scenes at sea and I can feel coolness.....

I like the theme of "Scheherazade" played by the leader so much. It is very elegant indeed.

Actually, I did not like this tune so much before, but after I heard this CD, I am very interested in it now.

I also like "Les Preludes" in this CD so much. It is very impressive. This tune is one of pieces that I would like to play now.

Overall, the tone colour of strings are velvety, and the performance is gracious but freely very much.

I also like the CD jacket so much. Maestro Tomomi looks like "Scheherazade". She is conversational and intellectual, and I think it is just like maestro Tomomi. You can see the CD jacket in this site.

* The related Japanese article.


vocalemily said…
Hello Iceskate,

I just stopped by your blog while doing some research of Maestro Tomomi. I like her way of conducting and her music is very elegant and well-controlled. It's a pity that I don't see her cd/dvd in my country yet...Hopefully I can go to her live performances someday in the near future.

I saw your Japanese blog as well and I knew you've posted some reviews of her latest performances. Thanks for Excite's tralation machine so I can get....30%-50% of the content you wrote.

I'll be appreciated if you share more news about maestro Tomomi. Have a great weekend!

Best wishes,

iceskate said…
Hello vocalemily,

Thank you very much for your comment.
Buying CD/DVD of Maestro Tomomi seems to be difficult from outside Japan currently. I hope it will become possible soon in the future.
I would post Maestro Tomomi's articles here as possible. I hope you will enjoy them.
Anyway, which country are you from?
Thank you and please come here again.
iceskate said…
Hello, again.
You can listen sample music of maestro Tomomi's CDs through this site.
vocalemily said…
Hello Iceskate,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry for replying you so late cause I don't add your blog to my favorite list...
If you don't mind, I'd like to add it so I can know more info about Maestro Tomomi promptly.

I'm from Taiwan and recently I just asked my friend to bring some of Masestro Tomomi's works from Japan. I especially like the DVD of The Posthumous symphony written Tchaikovsky. Also, I'm very impressed by the acoustics of Suntory Hall. Wish I can visit there and enjoy Tomomi's great music some day...

Happy New Year!

iceskate said…
Hello vocalemily,

It is so nice that you came back here, and it is welcome you will bookmark this blog to your favorite list.

Here is a big news!
Maestro Tomomi will assume a post in the State Symphony Orchestra of Russia (http://gaso.ru/en) from September 2010, for two years.

Also, you can check main Tomomi's schedule in this website.
Suntory hall is included in these tour schedule.

I hope you will enjoy Tomomi's music live in the future.

I would like to write many Tomomi's articles here as possible.

I wish you a very happy new year!
iceskate said…
Oh, I forgot an important thing. Maybe, I am so sleepy.....

Maestro Tomomi will assume a post "as a principal guest conductor" in the State Symphony Orchestra of Russia.

Best wishes,