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Taiwanese Movie " Secret" OST

About 5 years ago, a female figure skater skated with very beautiful music, and I recorded the music title.
The music was from an OST of a Taiwanese movie; Secret.
I added this movie into my list of movie that I would like to see.

About one year ago, I found this movie's DVD accidentally in a DVD lental shop near my home.
It was very fantastic Taiwanese movie. The story is in a music school and the director; Mr Jay Chou plays also the main character, makes the music, plays the piano and sing the song. Also, he (the main character) plays the piano in the movie and the performances are splended! I was impressed his music talent.

This movie's original title is "Bu neng shuo de. mi mi".
This movie came to Japan about ten years ago, and become very popular in Asia.

Mr Jay Chou biography
(He seems to be World-wide famous person already.)

Here is the official motion picture of his wor…

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