YAMAHA Electone Contest 2005 Winners Concert (Tokyo)

February 12, 2006
Kioi Hall (Tokyo in Japan)

Pictures of this concert:

Regarding the electone contest, the classic style and other styles of music categories are held in alternate years. The 2005 year was for the classic style.

I felt almost of original pieces of electone players were difficult to understand. Unfortunately I did not like them and could not understand the worth.

However, the latter part of this concert was interesting.

At first, an winner played the compulsory tune in auditions.
Next, we listened the recording of players' improvisations also during auditions. I think it is an unique but appropriate element in competition to see the players' musical ability.
Subsequently, there was a collaboration between a cello and an electone. The music was "Vocalise" of Rakhmaninov. This was arranged by an winner, and was very much beautiful.

At last, three winners from each age group played the "Pomp and Circumstance No.1" of Elgar together. It was so impressive.

I hope they will be grown bigger as spectacle musicians (composer, arranger, and electone player) in the future.

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