Yayoi Hirabe Recital ~9th Chamber Tone~

March 17, 2006
Blue Rose (Small Hall) of Suntory Hall (Tokyo in Japan)

Ms Yayoi Hirabe (http://www.yamaha-mf.or.jp/el-player/hirabe/profile_biography.html), one of my most favorite composers and electone players, holds recitals named ~Chamber Tone~ in every two years. Almost of pieces in the recitals are her original or remake of classical music.

The theme of this time was "Wind". Collaboration between an accordion played by Ms Miki Mie, a bandneon played by Mr Satoshi Kitamura, and an electone played by Ms Yayoi Hirabe were splendid.

An accordion and a bandneon have the same root as an electone, so their collaboration seemed to be reasonable and natural.

The first movement of "Concerto for Solo Percussion" of Richard Rodney Bennett played by electone solo was so interesting. Ms Hirabe clapped keyboards for percussion sound and played orchestra part by herself. I understand this situation because I know Electone, but it was magical scene and sound.

The last tune; "Ethos and Patos ~for accordion and electone~ (her original) were really great!!! Both the tune itself and their interpretations were so gorgeous. It was beyond all description!!

The current standard electone; STAGEA can connect internet directly and we can listen fantastic sound of professional electone players through our own STAGEA in our house. 
Ms Yayoi Hirabe's original piece are really fantastic, spectacle, and perfect, I think. Remake and arrangement are also amazing.
After listenning various concerts, her music starts flowing in me often.....
We can listen one of her original piece; "Black Hall" through You Tube which someone played by STAGEA.

Someday, I wish I would be able to take lessons of her. It is one of my dreams.

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