Natsumi Tamai Violin Recital

October 17, 2006
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Recital Hall

About Natsumi Tamai
Piano: Haruko Ueda

Beethoven: Violon Sonata No.6
Bach: The Sonata and Partita for Violon solo
Bartók: Violon and Piano Sonata No.2
Debussy: Sonate pour violon et piano
Encore1; Debussy's piano piece arrranged for violin and piano
Encore2; Beethoven: The second movement of sonata No.3

I went to this concert by chance, but as a result, I could found a fantastic violinist there. All tunes seemed to be so difficult, but her performance was so fine.
The violin she used was a Stradivarius made in 1717. The sound was excellent and so moving.

Ms Ueda's piano accompaniment was also brilliant.

After concert, the musicians received GREAT applause.

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