STAGEA ELX-01X (Electone) Concert Series: Yoshihiro Andoh

May 26, 2006
Yamaha Electone City Shibuya:

About Yoshihiro Andoh:

STAGEA ELX-01X ( the professional model of current elctone.
(You can listen some demonstration performances by STAGEA in this site, but it is by STAGEA ELS-01, not by STAGEA ELX-01X.)

Mr Yoshihiro Andoh is a professional electone player, composer, and arranger. I like his original pieces so much. The rhythm is dynamic and the melody is flowing.
He held concerts inside and outside Japan so many times, and composed music for TV and radio programs, ceremonies, games, and ice shows.
This concert was composed of his original tunes.

I believe his music is worthwhile for the World, so hope they will spread all over the World.

*The related Japanese article:


KAP said…
My name is Ky Anh from Vietnam, plz call me KAP. I come across your page when searching for EL/StageA picture.

Andoh-san is also my favorite artist. The demos are so nice. Thank you very much for sharing. I hope that you can share more, and email to notify me if you don't mind. My email is

Arigatou gozamasu
iceskate said…
KAP-san, thank you very much for your visit to my blog and leaving your comment. I will try to e-mail you when I write electone-related articles, but sometimes I may forget to send it, so please visit my blog often in the future...

Thank you.