Tomomi Nishimoto, Tchaikovsky: Symphony in E flat major, "Life"

Conductor: Tomomi Nishimoto
Orchestra: Tchaikovsky Foundation Russian Symphony Orchestra

This posthumous symphony "ӁӢӠҢҔ (Life)" was an unfinished symphony by Tchaikovsky. He began to write this piece between compositions of his symphony No.5 and No.6. Mr Peter Klimov completed this tune and performed in Russia, Japan, and Croatia (57TH Dubrovnik Summer Festival) in 2005-2006. I like this piece so much. It is very similar to Tchaikovsky's piano concerto No.3.
For details of this music, please download "Program" from this site. It is explained in the page 15-16 in English.
(Program, profiles of artists, and photo gallery of 57TH Dubrovnik Summer Festival)

You can listen "ӁӢӠҢҔ (Life)" in this DVD.

In the Japan tour, this tune was performed with Tchaikovsky's Symphony No.5 or No.6. Pictures of these stages (movement of the conductor and this orchestra) were so beautiful, and the sound from there were so fantastic!

You can listen Tchaikovsky's Symphony No.5 or No.6 in the "Life" Japan tour in this DVD. I hope this CD will be also released in the future.

Regarding 57TH Dubrovnik Summer Festival, it is my best ever summer vacation.
Needless to say, Dubrovnik is one of World Heritage sites and the place is so much beautiful. People are simple and honest, and the blue of the Adriatic Sea are so deep.
This festival might be the last chance that we can listen "Tchaikovsky: Symphony in E flat major" live......

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