Tomomi Nishimoto; Mahler Symphony No.5 with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra ("A" Program)

September 21, 2009
Suntory Hall

Conductor: Tomomi Nishimoto
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Wagner: "Tristan and Isolde" Prelude and Isolde's Love Death
Mahler: Symphony No.5

"Wagner: Tristan and Isolde Prelude and Isolde's Love Death" performed by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra was super-duper. Strings colors of RPO are very beautiful, and it is so effective for this tune. Also, I think this piece suits maestro Tomomi Nishimoto well.

Regarding "Mahler: Symphony No.5", it is a varied and big tune indeed. I was tired after listenning this piece in two consecutive nights, so I imagine performers were much more tired.......
It was a really "Bravo!!!" performance in this day, too. Even after lights for audience seats are on, hurricane of applause did not die down, and the number of audiences who gave performers their standing ovation continued to increase.
This concert was recorded, so I am very happy to listen the concert by the CD forever.

Later, I saw the score of this tune. It is very complex and has a tremendous impact!!!

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