Sparkling Singing Voice of South Korean Actor; Mr. CHO SEUNG WOO

Mr. CHO SEUNG WOO's profile.

I knew him through a South Korean TV drama; Horse Doctor.
It had been broadcasted by the Japanese state-run broadcast (NHK) for one year from July 2013 to 2014.
(This drama is planned to be broadcasted by NHK again from the end of September 2014.)
*We can see various scenes through the MBC homepage (
I looked forward to seeing this drama every Sunday very much, and became a fan of him; Mr. CHO SEUNG WOO.
So, I browsed his information on the Web and found the following his fantastic voices.

I saw some movies he acted ever too, and I think he is an excellent actor, but we may not be able to enjoy all his talents by only his acting without singing......

The following voices are current my most favorites, though I can not understand the lyrics.

1. This Is The Moment - Jekyll And Hyde
I think this music is very fit for him and his voice.
When I listen it for the first time, I was very astonished by his heartful, crystal-clear, straight, and powerful voice!
Afterward, I have repeated to listen this video so many times.....

He sings this song also in English. It is so much wonderful!!! I like it very much!!!
Unfortunately, this site seems to be out of a browse period now. (Added on July 7, 2015)

By the way, I did not know this music and also this musical; Jekyll And Hyde till I listened this video.
So, I read the information about the original story and the musical, and I wonder why this kind of romantic music were made for such a horror story...
Anyway, there seems to be many beautiful pieces in this musical.

2. Around Thirty Years Old? (I do not know the exact English title.)
I listened his singing for the first time in this piece.
I can not understand the meaning of this Korean language lyric, but I (all women?) feel comforted by this.
This video has also been repeated so many times.

3. Dream of A Goose?
A quartet with his musical associates. This is a fantastic piece, too.

Also, this is a very different kind of music from the aboves, it is a rock music.
A recording scene for a musical; HEDWIG.
He has unbelievably rich and varied music!

4. Standing on This Road? (Added this on August 12.)
This is from a solo CD of a musical actress; Ms. Lee Young Mi.
(She is singing with Mr. CHO SEUNG WOO in the above recording scene for a musical; HEDWIG. )
He is featured in this song, and he is singing this piece in different color of voice and in different style of singing from the above mentioned songs.
It is very romantic music and their singings are so splendid.

5. A Wonderful Saviour My Jesus? (Added this on August 14.)
This is a cool pop music arrangement of a hymn.

As an appendix, this site is a collection of his musical stages.

I am sincerely looking forward to seeing his musicals and to listening his concerts live some day, and I have a deep desire that his musicals will come to Japan again in the near future.

# Added on August 16, 2015
Here is a theme song of internet drama in the 2001 year; Dream of Ami. This is sung by Mr. Cho Seung Woo.
I like this nostalgic atmosphere and the arrangement.

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