CD: Musical "Jekyll & Hyde" (Korean Casting Soundtrack)

In my previous article (, I wrote "I sincerely want to see musicals and concerts by Mr. Cho Seung Woo."
The first chance was a musical "HEDWIG" holdover.
At first I did not have much interests for this rock musical, but reports and reviews of the audience made me try to have the ticket!
The result was... completely defeat. I was able to reach a seat selection page in the Interpark ticket site, but there were already no seats for me......
It was only around 10 minutes had passed from the ticket sales start.
I realized well how difficult to get tickets of Mr. Cho Seung Woo's musical.

My next chance was a musical "Jekyll & Hyde" 10th annniversary (
This is just the one I want to see most! However, I imagined I would not be able to get this ticket as HEDWIG's tickets.
So, this CD was very much high price, but I decided to get it.

I have listened the main piece in this musical; "This is The Moment." sung by Mr. Cho Seung Woo in this motion picture ( so many times, but in this CD, his voice is still very young.
This was recorded in the same year as this CD.

Also, I think Ms. Choe Jeong-Won as Lucy is splendid! Lucy is as close as the main character in this musical.
Lucy sings many beautiful and brilliant pieces in this.
We can see and listen her with Mr. Cho Seung Woo as Hyde in this motion picture.
(She appears after his talking.)

I usually see operas but almost do not see musicals, and all words in the CD are in Korean language, so after I listened this CD, I was not able to imagine how this musical is.
So I saw an whole broadway musical; "Jekyll and Hyde" I accidentally found out in the internet.
Act 1:
Act 2:

The impression is very different from it of this CD, but I was able to understand all words of songs and dialogues, and the overall story flow.
Also, I have had this question before; why very beautiful music like "This is The Moment." is made for such a horror story?
Through this whole musical, I was able to understand the reason and the timing of this piece in the whole musical story.
I like all very fantastic music in this musical so much.
I think an actor as Jekyll & Hyde is very much hard role.

As I listened this CD repeatedly, I become fond of this sound more and more.
All casts are fantastic and ardent at all!
I listen this CD every night currently.

By the way, I would like to see Mr. Hong Kwang Ho's Jekyll & Hyde in the future.
I heard his "This is The Moment." through this motion picture and it is so splendid!

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