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South Korean musical "2014-2015 Jekyll & Hyde" (Dec. 7th)

The previous day's article is here.

Jekyll & Hyde: Mr. Cho Seung Woo (
Lucy: Ms. Lina (
Ema: Ms. Cho Jeongeun

* Second spot motion picture:

"Ema" was a different cast from the previous day's. Even if only one main cast differ, impression for the whole musical differed much.
All in all, the casts in the previous day were better, I think.

I felt this day's "Jekyll" was a little easily angered.... Was Mr. Cho Seung Woo a lack of sleep and/or rest???

Ms. Lina as "Lucy" was so splendid this day, too!!!

In both days, exchanges to the tickets from ticket confirmations were no problem, however, I was asked "How many tickets?" in both days though the number of needed tickets were described rightly in the ticket confirmations.
Looking aroud me, almost audiences were couples and people with their children....., so I imagine going to see a musical itself alone is very rare in South Korea.

Also, I was some people who have a book like the program of this musical, so confirmed it in the shop, but they said it had not been prepared yet..... Only invited guests had the programs???

My seat of the previous day was "R" class just the side of VIP seats, but this day's seat was on the second floor so I used an opera glass. So I was able to see fine "Hyde" expressions, it was interesting.

As the view from the second floor seat, I found the roof of the orchestra pit, and only around conductor's head were opened!!
Sound from the orchestra reached the audiences with no problem, but I have never seen this kind of orchestra pits before!!
Was this for falling casts from the stage???

The conductor was female in both days. Maybe I think she is the music director in this musical. I wactched only matinees on both days, but does she conduct also soirees in every weekend?!!
This musical takes about 3 hours, though there are 20 minutes intermission. If she conducts all shows, I think her power is so great!!
(I have listened so many clssic music concerts and seen many operas for a long time, and in this World, as female conductors are very rare....)

There seems to be no prompter.

Also, I did not noticed this matter in the previous day.
In the first scene, there were long singing by "Jekyll" after his word; "Good night, good night, father." This singing part was not in the Broadway version I had seen. I felt Mr. Cho Seung Woo sang this part with ardor, so I wanted to listen them understanding the all words meanings....

Regarding my current most favorite song "This is The Moment." I noticed a way of singing by Mr. Cho Seung Woo which I had never listened before in this song.

These are his ways of singing at his younger ages. (No the way of singning mentioned ablove.)

The way of singing (big vibrato around the end of long tones) is the same as the last part of this (
Is this way of singing able to lengthen a voice??
Anyway, this piece seems to be so hard for the actor.
Mr. Cho Seung Woo seems to change the singing way by each day's his conditions.
I hope he can keep his good conditions till the end of this series of stages.

Also, Mr. Cho Seung Woo's improvised words seemed to differ between the two days, but unfortunately I was not able to understand them.....

My dream which I see Mr. Cho Seung Woo's musicals came true in that way.
After these, refrains in my heart now is not "Jekyll" including "This is The Moment." contrary to my expectation, it is "Hyde's sadness" and "Lucy". They were strong impacts for me.

All in all, my first trip to Seoul finished in safety and in a very comfortable way.
Cocoa cookies I bought in a shop of the musical hall, and foods and teas I bought in a souvenir shop are so delicious, and I remember the days in Seoul having these foods recently....

Before my visit to Seoul, I heard the news Mr. Cho Seung Woo will appear in a musical originally started in Japan; "Okepi! (Orchestra Pit!) in December 2015!
I hope I can see this musical and this show will come to Japan.....

*The related Japanese article.


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