South Korean musical "2014-2015 Jekyll & Hyde" (Dec. 6th)

@BLUE SQUARE Samsung Electronics Hall

Jekyll & Hyde: Mr. Cho Seung Woo (
Lucy: Ms. Lina (
Ema: Ms. Lee Ji Hye

* Casts introduction

* 2014-5 year version digest motion picture

A miracle(?) happened.
I was luckily able to get tickets of this legendary South Korean musical performed by Mr. Cho Seung Woo for the second day in succession!
So, recently, relations between South Korea and Japan are not good, but I decided to visit Seoul first time ever to see these.

I arrived this musical hall about two hours before the beginning of the show.
At first, I found many ten-years celebrated decorations and set buildings of this musical and took pictures of them.
This decorations are also on each door of elevators and restrooms!!

Also, I wanted to have a program of this musical, but this had not been prepared yet, though some related goods had been sold.
In Japan, programs and/or goods are always completely prepared in this kind of events and big sales of them during the event term is expected. I think this is a kind of culture gap or a different commercial way between South Korea and Japan.

In the rest of time to the beginning, I was sitting on a sofa and watching a Broadway version of this musical below again through my smartphone as a preparation of words and dialogues, through I had a chance to watch it before.

Act 1:
Act 2:

As time for the musical to start came close, I moved to my seat on an elevator. However, I got down on a wrong floor, it was a convention center.
At that time, a staff there was so much kind of me. So I have a very good impression for the hall.

From the first scene of the musical, Jekyll appeared. My first impression for him was "Oh, he is Kuanhyon!"
Needless to day, "Kuanhyon" is the lead character of a South Korean TV drama "Horse Doctor" (
From the start to the end in this stage, "Jekyll" had always overlaped with "Kuanhyon" in me.....

When I watched forepassed stages of this musical through Youtube, I thought Lucy's constume at her show scene is so much (too?) sexy, but in this version, the constume was changed to more cure and courtly.

Also, the flames Hyde fumed after his murder had been very much big before and I had surprised when I see it for the first time through Youtube, but this was diminished in size this time. I think this smaller size flames are appropriate.

Regarding "Jekyll" performed by Mr.Cho Seung Woo, I watched fragments of past his stages through Youtube, too.
After seeing this stage, I felt this role (Jekyll & Hyde) is best fit for him in the current age.

All in all, I was so happy to be able to see this!!!, though I had been very much busy before I visit there.
This show was so much splendid!!!
After the end of the play, all audiences seemed to give the casts standing ovation!!
Maybe, I imagine it is an usual scenery.
I think the performance I saw this day was superior to the one by Broadway musical I had watched just before the start of this show in all aspects!!!
Especially, singing were so much wonderful!!! As well as the actors and actresses for main roles, each performer for small roles and every cast for ensemble was really splendid!!!
It have been so much improved from the CD published ten years ago ( !!!
Among them, Ms. Lina as "Lucy" was very great!!! I was astonished at her singing much!!

Also, this Korean version has finer performances than the Broadway version such as "Jekyll" is right-handed and "Hyde" is left-handed.
Two-storied building, elevators, hanging in midair. etc., this Korean version was more absorbed in the set than the Breadway's.
All in all, this Korean's was daintier atmospher than the Breadway's.

After the curtain call, only Mr. Cho Seung Woo remained on the stage and threw the hair elastic (?) used when he is "Jekyll" to the audiences. Then he struke a pose, the show was concluded.

This show was a tremendous impact for me after so long!!!

I want this musical to come to Japan again in this days' cast, and hope this will be broadcasted in NHK (Japanese state-run broadcasting) music programs, and hope to have this DVD and see this with Japanese subtitles live in motion-picture theaters, etc. in Japan like the MET Live in HD (
However, I am really very sorry to hear that these will be difficult now....

There were a little different casts next day.

*The related Japanese article.

I heard a following message from Mr. Cho Seung Woo had been published in his Korean fan site at 3 o'clock on November 24th.
"Please do not come to the exit after the show as he would like to concentrate and make efforts on his work toward best performances. This role differs from ones in another musicals."
I imagine actors and actresses for main roles in this musical are all exhausted, so please do NOT go to the actor's exit after a show if future audiences of this musical see this article.