Ustream Distribution: Electone Player Naoko Hirota Live "Heartful Story"

March 8, 2015

ELectone (YAMAHA electric organ): Naoko Hirota
Bandonion: Satoshi Kitamura

As it was an Ustream distribution, I watched this concert drinking teas in my home.

The first piece of this concert was "full of life".
This is Noako Hirota's original piece.

Collaboration with Mr. Satoshi Kitamura (Bandonion); "Tender Memories"
This is also her original piece.
For some reason I started crying listening this music.....

Other piece of this collaboration; "Rouge".
This is also her original.
This title means "Red of Passion", too. It is big scale and splendid music and performances.

The three motion pictures above are performed by Ms. Naoko Hirota herself and Mr. Satoshi Kitamura himself.

Other pieces in this concert are as follows.

- Elgar "Salut d'amour" Samba arrangement
- Her original relating to a dog
- Her original "Belle Lumiere"
This motion picture is performed by some electone student, not Naoko Hirota. I have linked this only for introducing this piece.
- Liszt "Liebesträume" tango arrangement, performed with Mr. Satoshi Kitamura
I think this arrangement approach and idea are really splendid! I have felt comfortable to listen this piece as a tango music and the beautiful melody has been distinguished.
- Famous chocolate TV commercial song Naoko Hirota's arrangement
I think this arrangement is a wonderful idea! I would like to have this piece as my repertory.
- (Encore) "Por Una Cabeza"
It has been also very nice performance! I have remembered a figure skater Ms. Mao Asada skated with this music in a fashionable costume.

All in all, the sound produced by Ms. Naoko Hirota is wonderful!

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