Luckily, I was able to get this valuable CD.
Casts for "Cervantes / Don Quixote" are Mr. Cho Seung Woo ( and Mr. Jeong Seong Hwa (
Not only the casts for "Cervantes / Don Quixote", but all casts in this CD also are great in their singing.

I have never seen this musical in Japan, so I hear all music pieces of this musical through this CD.
I feel almost these pieces are friendly and easy songs to get into.

I visited Seoul to see this musical in the middle of September.
(I will write the articles after.)
So, this CD was a nice preparation for the appreciations.

When I searched the Japanese text of these songs, I accidentally found out this motion picture.
It is "MAN OF LA MANCHA" sung by Ms. Seiko Niizuma (
I think her singing is also great!

* The related Japanese article.

Regarding Mr. Cho Seung Woo, a repeat of a South Korean TV Drama "Horse Doctor" broadcasted by NHK (the Japanese national broadcasting) finished in the middle of September.
This drama had been broadcasted in Japan once a week for 2 years, so I have gotten sad...
I like this drama because of the beautiful story and music.
I hope this will be repeated again by NHK or other Japanese TV channels soon.