South Korean musical "Man of La Mancha" (Sep. 13th, Matinee)

South Korea Seoul  D Cube Art Center

As the same as the previous time, the all Seoul people I met this time were so kind and warm.
It was really enjoyable stay in Seoul!!

I saw this movie as the preparation of this musicl for words.

D Cube Art Center was a nice high-quality hall. Service in English language was also complete.
The lobby was full of this musical's displays.
"Man of La Mancha" is 10-years anniversary this year.

This time, the pamphlet have been prepared, but it would be better if there were English descriptions even only for important parts.
(The 10-years anniversary thick version was released later.)

On this day, I could see both the matinee and the soirée.
In the Matinee, "Cervantes and Don Quixote" were Mr. Ryu Jung-han
and "Aldonza and Dulcinea" were Ms. Lina.
Ms. Lina was splendid as Lucy in "Jekyll & Hyde".

I saw Mr. Ryu Jung-han for the first time.
He was cool in stage acting and I like his voice when he has spoken his parts.

Here is Mr. Ryu Jung-han's "Man of La Mancha" in the 2005 year. He was much cooler this time than him in this motion picture.

I knew Ms. Lina at "Jekyll & Hyde". She was so splendid at singing, but I have understood she is also good at dancing!
I felt drawn to this story by her dancing at just beginning of this musical.
I think she is an really wonderful musical actress!
It is marvellous that such strong voice comes from her slender body!
I personally think "Aldonza" is the leading role of this musical.
The actress seems to play harder roles than "Cervantes and Don Quixote".
Here is her interview (in Korean language).
Black dress is Ms. Lina and red dress is Ms. Chon Mido as another "Aldonza".

"Sancho" was also awesome! It is very nice character. He is really very good at singing and his performance was very fine completely, so I was able to enjoy his role very much.

I am not able to understand the Korean language, but we can chuckle and enjoy in interesting parts of this musical.

The orchestra performance was perfect and brilliant as the same as the CD.

From pictures and motion pictures I had seen before, I had the impression this is a beautiful colored stage musical totally.
When I entered this musical hall, this image was increased more.
Also, the orchestra pit was under the stage, so the stage and the audience was very close. I felt it was good. The audience can be felt they were in the play.

All in all, everybody and everything was perfect, wonderful, and impassioned performance!!!!!

Lastly, here is a motion picture for 2015 promotion.

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