CD: South Korean Original Musical "Werther" 15th Anniversary

(*This article had been late owing to my schedule; music and English tests....
As I wrote in the article, I have written this at last!)

* Revised on Feb. 21, 2017

Luckily, I was able to get this Original Sound Track in the begining of this year.
I was not able to go to Seoul to see this musical, so this CD is so precious for me.

This OST set consists of 3 CDs. Three "Werthers" sings in each CD.

This is a South Korean original musical, so the music differs totally from the opera "Werther" composed by Massenet.

*There are some opera "Werther" motion pictures here.

The music of his South Korean original musical "Werther" is also very beautiful. Singings of actors and actresses and the orchestra playing of chamber music are also very wonderful, so I like this CD so much.
It includes various types of music and all of them are wonderful!!

Here is a motion picture of this Korean original musical "Werther".
"Werther" is Mr. Cho_Seung-Woo and "Charlotte" is Ms. Chon Mido.
(Last half is another musical.)

The last piece of this OST ends not cocluded. I think this expresses the end of "Werther"'s life well.

I think "CD3's Werther" is best fit for this role because of his age.
(I can not read the Korean language, so I do not know how to spell their name....)
"CD2's Werther" is Mr. Cho_Seung-Woo. His "Werther" is not "Young Werther". They are experienced man's singings as his age.
I like Mr. Cho_Seung-Woo's singing in this CD. He sings many very beautiful songs in this musical very beautifully and technically, I think. Also, I felt his one phrases of melodies have become longer than before.

Regarding Ms. Chon Mido, she can amazingly perform very wide ranges of characters.
"Charlotte" of "Werther" and "Aldonza" of "Man of La Mancha" I met before are very different characters!

Also, impressions of "Charlotte" performed by Ms. Chon Mido and by Ms. Lee Ji Hye are different.
I saw Ms. Lee Ji Hye's "Charlotte" first in a Japanese TV program, so the impact is big and I like her "Charlotte", too.

In this TV broadcasting, the voice of "Albert" was similar type to Mr. Hong Kwang Ho's voice. I liked the voice very much!

Here are motion pictures of greetings and the ending paerformances in the last stage.

Lastly, I really wanted to see this musical.....

* The Japanese article.


I was able to have Mr. Cho_Seung-Woo's next musical; "HEDWIG (New Make-up)"'s CD, so I will write about this CD later.