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Japanese Musical: Jekyll & Hyde 2016 JAPAN TOUR

March 12, 2016 @Tokyo International Forum Hall C

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Jekyll & Hyde: Mr. Kanji Ishimaru
Lucy: Megumi Hamada
Emma: Rena Sasamoto

I saw the musical; Jekyll & Hyde for the first time by the South Korean version, and I become to like this musical.
I enjoyed same things and differences between the South Korean version I saw and this Japanese version on the day.

* South Korean version I saw:

I had seen some motion pictures of this Japanese version in advance. At that time, I had thought the Korean version would be superior to the Japanese version in various aspects, but after I saw this stage, I found the Japanese version is also splendid.
Main casts were splendid of course, and singing, performance, and dancing of casts for ensemble were also splendid!!

I saw Ms. Megumi Hamada for the first time. I think she is splendid like Ms. Choe Jeong-Won; the first Lucy in the South Korean version.

Here are motion pictures of the South Korean 2004 (2005?) version. "Jekyll & Hyde" is Mr. Cho Seung-Woo and "Lucy" is Ms. Choe Jeong-Won.
(The musical will start after advertisement and the opening motion picture.)

The first Part:
Second Part:

Regarding "This is The Moment", which the song I love most, melody (intonation) of the last highlight parts were the same as it by Mr. Hong Kwang Ho's. (The following motion picture)

This is another same point. Both "Hyde" performed by Mr. Cho Seung-Woo and Mr. Kanji Ishimaru are left-handed. (Both "Jekyll" are right-handed.)
When "Kanji Hyde" were suppressed by medicine, the left hand of "Kanji Hyde" were raised. I understood that it would express Hyde is still alive.

I think Mr. Kanji Ishimaru may study the South Korean versions.

The performance at the first transformation were splendid, but totally, voices of Jekyll & Hyde are almost same, so this Japanese version's "Hyde" were not so frightening compared to the South Korean version I saw.

Regarding how to give medicines, South Korean version is by injections, Japanese version is by pills.

I was surprised that Lucy's show scene in the Japanese version was sexier than it in the South Korean version!
Regarding the scene that Lucy was done violence, it was before the scene that Lucy met Jekyll in the South Korean verison, and it was reverse in the Japanese version.

The part of wonderful vocal quartet in the South Korean version like operas was so different from it in the Japanese version.

The fire when Hyde murders a bishop in the Japanese version was bigger than it in the South Korean version. I think smaller fire is better in terms of safety.

Also, Mr. Utterson killed Hyde by a sword in the South Korean version, and it was a gun in the Japanese version.

The music when seeing audiences off in the Japanese version was a dismal song, but I wanted this would be "This is The Moment" like the South Korean version.

All in all, I think the Japanese version is also wonderful!

After seeing this Japanese version, I think again the songs in this musical are so much wonderful!!

Here is the article of the songs in this musical. (Japanese article)

* The related Japanese article.

We (Japanese his fans) are very surprised to hear that Mr. Cho Seung-Woo said he will be absent himself from musical and appear in movies for future three years, in an interview...
I like his singings, so I will listen his CDs and watch his singings' motion pictures so many times for future three years...
However, almost past movies he acted came to Japan, so Japanese fans may be able to see many his movies for future three years.


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