Congratulations on Winning a Popularity Award, Mr. Cho Seung-Woo!!

I saw the 5th Yegreem Musical Award through the live broadcasting.
(It is a South Korean Musical Award.)

Mr. Cho Seung-Woo has won a Popularity Award, it seems to be elected by internet voting. Congratulations!!!
However, unfortunately, there was no live performance of "Werther".
Also, I wish all his musicals had been broadcasted live in such way.....

He talked much during both a presenter and an Award winner, but unfortunately I was not able to understand his words....
However, I am very happy to see him live. He seems to be very healthy, and I like his current hair style.

When a lady regarding "Sweeney Todd" won some Award and got down from the stage, he moved to the step from the stage and outstretched his hand to help her. I think such his character is a reason why I am a fan of him!

His Award history was revised on his Wikipedia.

After live broadcasting, I was able to read the news about this Award in Japanese.
Currently his next work seems not to be decided, and if it is a movie, I think I am OK.
However, to tell the truth, I am very lonely without his singing voices....
I have repeated to listen his CDs everyday recently.

By the way, in this ceremony, Ms. Ok Joo Hyun's singing from musical "Mata Hari" was very fantastic!!

Also, I am happy to see a part of musical "Washing". I like the music very much.