New Year's Greetings, etc.

I hope The World is peaceful, and all poeple are happy in this year.

Bye the way, I was able to watch a South Korean TV drama; "Secret of Treasure (Japanese title)" for the first time in the last month at last.  I wanted to watch this drama with the Japanese subtitle for a long time.

It was a short drama around one hour, and the story is difficult to understand and I watched it twice, but I was not able to understand the conclusion of it, so I will watch it again.
I am happy to see it anyway.  The role of Mr. Cho Seung Woo was a totally different character from the role in a TV drama; "Horse Doctor".

In this drama, Ms. Park HaSun appeared and she annouced that she will marry with Mr. Ryu, Su Young in recent days.  Conglatulations on their wedding!!

A scene from "Secret of Treasure"
(This drama was awarded the Silver Award of the Houston International Movie Award in the 2014 year.)