DVD: GO GO 70s

It is a Valentine's Day today.... (I wrote this original article on Feb. 14 and revised this on Feb. 15...)

I had seen a South Korean movie "GO GO 70s" without the Japanese subtitle sseveral years ago, but I saw it again with the Japanese subtitle by an rental DVD. Needless to say, I was able to understand the details more and my impression for this movie changed drastically in second time. After that, I became to like this movie so much and bought the previously owned DVD at an auction. I look forward to seeing it after my English exam very much!!

* About the movie; GO GO 70s

In this movie, Mr. Jo(Cho) Seung-woo sang many songs, so we can enjoy his singing much.

Here might be his recording scene of this Movie's OST?

I think even if his works in future several years will be movies or dramas (not musicals), I will be able to listen his singings if he sing songs in movies and dramas like "GO GO 70s"......

Also, Ms. Shin Mina is very beautiful in this movie.

Here is the GO GO 70s Trailer.