South Korean TV Drama; "Stranger (Secret Forest)" OST

* Added on 29 October.
Congratulations on winning the Grand Prize of the Drama category in the 1st Seoul Award!!!

I watched this drama every Saturday and Sunday through Netflix with the Japanese subtitle.
I am very happy to be able to watch this South Korean drama so soon with the Japanese subtitle by Netflix.

The story is well considered and all casts are so nice and very characteristic. It is a well-made drama.
I enjoyed this drama three times.
Especially, I think Ms. Bae Doona is very wonderful actress.

The all OSTs are also very attractive and stylish, though I can not understand the Korean words. I like almost these OST, and like music of Part 2, 3, 7, and 10 especially.
I listened these music everyday but I did not lose interest in them.

(*Corrently some of these are deleted from Youtube.)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Here is the "Stranger" Facebook. There are many motion pictures of this drama here, and I like "Making" motion pictures so much.
Mr. Cho Seung-Woo as Mr. Fan Shimoku (a main character of this drama) is very attractive in these "Making" motion pictures.

* Added on July 30
This is one of my favorite motion pictures.

* Added on July 23
Here are OST Part 6 and 7. I like both, too.

Part 6

Part 7

* Added on July 31
Here is Part 9.

Part 9

* Added on September 30
Here are Part 8, 9 (English version), and 10.

Part 8

Part 9 (Emglish version)

Part 10

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