Tomomi Nishimoto conducting "Aida"

August 27, 2009
Statní Opera Praha

Conductor: Tomomi Nishimoto
King; L. Hynek-Krämer
Amneris; his daughter: Daniela Diakova
Aida; Ethiopian slave: J. Svobodová
Ramfis; Supreme Pontiff: O. Korotkov
Radames; chieftain: Gianiuca Zampieri
Amonasro; Ethiopian king, father to Aida: Jakub Kettner
Courier; J. Hruška
Priestess; D. Vaňkátová

Here is a picture taken in a back stage of Statní Opera Praha and maestro Tomomi's interview (in Japanese).

It was so hot and fine in Praha. I went there for the first time in four years. The previous trip to Praha was also for a maestro Tomomi's concert.
My impression for current Praha is a peaceful, safe, and beautiful town.

In the morning, I went to Statní Opera Praha first, and confirmed the place and casts. My hotel was almost in front of the theater, so it was very convenient.

Next, I went to The National Museum. Both the exterior and interior were so luxury, and its showpieces (gemstones, stuffed specimens of animals and creatures in the sea, etc.) have tremendous impacts.
Many pictures of The National Museum are in this site.

After dinner, I excited about going to the opera. Statní Opera Praha is not so big. The lobby and bar is also smaller than the main opera theaters in the World. However, its interior is very much elegant.

This was my first experience to see live "Aida". Captions were English and Czech. This rendering is not pomp, but simple and chic based on monotone.
Maestro Tomomi's conducting was very lambent and impressive. She assumed the leadership of all performers so well, and it expands the quality of this whole opera.
She was a guest conductor this time, but all performers were well unified under her direction. I felt they are already a good team before their Japan performances in October.

Regarding a famous piece of this opera; "Aida Triumphal March", I prefer the performance by Russian Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra "Millenium" to it by this theater's orchestra, especially in the point of the colors.

*CD of "Aida Triumphal March" by Russian Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra "Millenium", conducted by maestro Tomomi

Applause have swelled. This is her first conducing of opera in Europe, not including Russia, so her European debut in conducting opera was a huge success.

After performance, I asked a theater staff to give me a paper written the casts of this "Aida" which was displayed on the wall, and he gave me a copy.

It was a fantastic experience, and I look forward to going next opera theater abroad!

* The related Japanese article.