Tomomi Nishimoto conducting "Aida" (Statní Opera Praha tour in Japan)

October 28, 2009
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

Conductor: Tomomi Nishimoto

Almost casts were changed from the performance in Praha ( I think casts in Japan performance were much better than those in Praha performance.
Especially, "Amneris" was best. I felt "Amneris" is the lead role of this opera, not "Aida". Also, I felt her voice is alike the one of Ms. Barbara Frittoli, though "Amneris" is mezzo-soprano. I like the voice of "Radames", too.

Also, the orchestra and the choir were more shaped up and impressive than those in Praha. The orchestra of this day was natural, well-harmonized with singers, and led the whole opera.

All music in this opera are really fantastic, and I think this performance was excellent. My mother said that "Maestro Tomomi's conducting is very precise, dynamic, and she leads the whole opera. I am deeply moved in these things. She gives all singers cues perfectly."

This interpretation was not great-flamboyant, but simple, individual, and good sense. Its music was more emphasized than the art. I like this kind of interpretation and was got into this opera.

I read it in an opera book that the deluxe march part is very famous in "Aida", but actually, the characters' complex psychological descriptions in later scenes are another high point in this opera. It is rare that we can watch both good performances.
This interpretation seemed to be placed an emphasis on the characters' complex psychological descriptions in later scenes.

There were no prompt boxes both in Praha and Japan.

Totally, we enjoyed this so much and it was very satisfied.

Watching various operas is my so favorite time now.

By the way, maestro Tomomi Nishimoto with Latvian National Symphony Orchestra Japan tour will be started from late January 2010. According to maestro Tomomi's blog comment on 9 January, this orchestra will be fine. So I look forward to hearing this conducted by maestro Tomomi. Here is the schedule and the maestro Tomomi's official blog (in Japanese, but it has automatic translation services at the bottom).

* The related Japanese article.


tomokazusan said…
I am delighted to read your blog.
Maestro Tomomi Nishimoto has high ability to the opera music.
Her opera performances are all great.

I look forward to her next opera concerts in Japan.
I hear her debut concert program as the Executive Producer of the new Hachioji City Hall on April 3,2011 will be Tosca.
iceskate said…
tomokazusan, thank you very much for your comment.
I want to update this blog more, but recently I was very busy because of watching the Olympics, especially, to seeing figure skating as maybe you can imagine it, and I have to prepare for an electone test till July.....
I hope this blog helps to promote Japanese artists in the World.

Best regards.