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Kakegawa-birthplace of the Yamaha piano

July 30, 2007

I visited Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments ( and Yamaha Grand Piano factory in Hamamatsu. Both were very much interesting for me.

In Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments, I could see not only western musical instruments like various unique violins, but also many Asian very historic and deluxe musical instruments such as gamelan. They were so much beautiful!

At Yamaha Grand Piano factory in Hamamatsu, I could see some grand piano manufacture processes. However, from the beginning of early 2011, Kakegawa will be the center of Yamaha piano-making operation. You can hear some interviews of craftsmen, and see piano-making processes and a lot of related information in this website.

*The related Japanese article.…

Tetsuya Kumakawa, K-Ballet Company: Corsair

May 11, 2007
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Great Hall

Artistic director, Interpretation, Re-choreography, Revision of the script: Tetsuya Kumakawa
Original interpretation: Marius Petipa
Music: Adolphe Adam, etc.
Conductor: Kazuo Fukuda
Theater Orchestra Tokyo
Dancers: Tetsuya Kumakawa, Miyako Yoshida, Stuart Cassidy, Rie Matuoka, Takuya Wajima, Byambaa Batbold, etc.

You can see some pictures of this ballet here.

In this production, Mr Kumakawa gathered and used various music pieces newly.

I looked forward to seeing the ballet of Tetsuya Kumakawa and Miyako Yoshida. I think Miyako's face expression was more gorgeous than others.

Mr Kumakawa's jumps are so much high!! He jumped over 3 dancers who sat a sofa!!! It was very amazing!! Also, his turn was so much fast!…