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South Korean musical "2014-2015 Jekyll & Hyde" (Dec. 7th)

The previous day's article is here.

Jekyll & Hyde: Mr. Cho Seung Woo (
Lucy: Ms. Lina (
Ema: Ms. Cho Jeongeun

* Second spot motion picture:

"Ema" was a different cast from the previous day's. Even if only one main cast differ, impression for the whole musical differed much.
All in all, the casts in the previous day were better, I think.

I felt this day's "Jekyll" was a little easily angered.... Was Mr. Cho Seung Woo a lack of sleep and/or rest???

Ms. Lina as "Lucy" was so splendid this day, too!!!

In both days, exchanges to the tickets from ticket confirmations were no problem, however, I was asked "How many tickets?" in both days though the number of needed tickets were described rightly in the ticket confirmat…

South Korean musical "2014-2015 Jekyll & Hyde" (Dec. 6th)

@BLUE SQUARE Samsung Electronics Hall

Jekyll & Hyde: Mr. Cho Seung Woo (
Lucy: Ms. Lina (
Ema: Ms. Lee Ji Hye

* Casts introduction

* 2014-5 year version digest motion picture

A miracle(?) happened.
I was luckily able to get tickets of this legendary South Korean musical performed by Mr. Cho Seung Woo for the second day in succession!
So, recently, relations between South Korea and Japan are not good, but I decided to visit Seoul first time ever to see these.

I arrived this musical hall about two hours before the beginning of the show.
At first, I found many ten-years celebrated decorations and set buildings of this musical and took pictures of them.
This decorations are also on each door of elevators and restrooms!!

Also, I wanted to have a progr…