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CD: Musical "Jekyll & Hyde" (Korean Casting Soundtrack)

In my previous article (, I wrote "I sincerely want to see musicals and concerts by Mr. Cho Seung Woo."
The first chance was a musical "HEDWIG" holdover.
At first I did not have much interests for this rock musical, but reports and reviews of the audience made me try to have the ticket!
The result was... completely defeat. I was able to reach a seat selection page in the Interpark ticket site, but there were already no seats for me......
It was only around 10 minutes had passed from the ticket sales start.
I realized well how difficult to get tickets of Mr. Cho Seung Woo's musical.

My next chance was a musical "Jekyll & Hyde" 10th annniversary (
This is just the one I want to see most! However, I imagined I would not be able to get this ticket as HEDWIG's tickets.
So, this…