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《CD》2013 HEWIG and The Angry Inch (Mr. Cho Seung Woo Version)

After having the "Jekyll & Hyde" CD (, I became to want to have this musical sound track CD, so I bought it through a purchase agency.

* Regarding the musical of "HEWIG and The Angry Inch":

* Recording of this CD:

When compared with the "Jekyll & Hyde" CD above, I take the liberty of writing this, I think singing of Mr. Cho Seung Woo has improved in this CD, though kinds of music differs between "Jekyll & Hyde" and "HEWIG and The Angry Inch", of course.

When I go to bed, I had been listening the "Jekyll & Hyde" CD before, but these music are very serious, so I was not able to sleep soon. However, music from "HEWIG and The Angry Inch" are easygoing, so I can go into my dreams soon with Mr. Cho Seung Woo's…

Movie: The Tenor Lirico Spinto

This is based on the true story of a South Korean tenor who lost his voice.
I saw about the tenor; Mr. Bae Jae-Cheol in a documentary in TV before.
Also, this is co-productions of South Korea and Japan.
This is really very good movie and I was tearing.

This kind of films on musicians have very good reputation often, but there are many cases the contents are not so fruitful. However, this movie was really rich the whole time.

Some songs in this movie were sung by Mr. Jae-Cheol himself, and the voice and singing were so splended and powerful!

I hope the relationship between South Korea and Japan are always very good like this actual story....

About the movie:

Motion picture of some parts:

There are lots of materials here. (The Japanese official site)

The related Japanese article.

CD: Musical "Jekyll & Hyde" (Korean Casting Soundtrack)

In my previous article (, I wrote "I sincerely want to see musicals and concerts by Mr. Cho Seung Woo."
The first chance was a musical "HEDWIG" holdover.
At first I did not have much interests for this rock musical, but reports and reviews of the audience made me try to have the ticket!
The result was... completely defeat. I was able to reach a seat selection page in the Interpark ticket site, but there were already no seats for me......
It was only around 10 minutes had passed from the ticket sales start.
I realized well how difficult to get tickets of Mr. Cho Seung Woo's musical.

My next chance was a musical "Jekyll & Hyde" 10th annniversary (
This is just the one I want to see most! However, I imagined I would not be able to get this ticket as HEDWIG's tickets.
So, this…

Sparkling Singing Voice of South Korean Actor; Mr. CHO SEUNG WOO

Mr. CHO SEUNG WOO's profile.

I knew him through a South Korean TV drama; Horse Doctor.
It had been broadcasted by the Japanese state-run broadcast (NHK) for one year from July 2013 to 2014.
(This drama is planned to be broadcasted by NHK again from the end of September 2014.)
*We can see various scenes through the MBC homepage (
I looked forward to seeing this drama every Sunday very much, and became a fan of him; Mr. CHO SEUNG WOO.
So, I browsed his information on the Web and found the following his fantastic voices.

I saw some movies he acted ever too, and I think he is an excellent actor, but we may not be able to enjoy all his talents by only his acting without singing......

The following voices are current my most favorites, though I can not understand the lyrics.

1. This Is The Moment - Jekyll And Hyde…