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DVD: Musical [Okepi!] (Orchestra Pit!)

As I wrote at the bottom of the article below, Mr. Cho Seung Woo will appear on stage of this musical South Korean versions in December 2015.

I have not seen this musical in Japan, so I got this DVD.

This is a set of three DVDs. The first and second are the musical main story of 2003 year Japan version, and the third is the making.

Japanese top musical actors and actresses at the time appear in this stage, and it is spectacular, the story is interesting and has messages for audiences.

The actor for the role of "the conductor" is very good at conducting. He is almost like a real conductor.

I think the singing by Mr. Akira Fuse as "Oboe" is splendid!!

All in all, I could enjoy this musical, but I think the amount of songs and dancing are relatively low and it has many lines…