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《CD》Hongcert Live Album (Mr. Hong Kwang Ho's First Concert)

I wrote about him in the bottom of this article ( before.
This is a set of CD, DVD, and the picture book of Mr. Hong Kwang Ho's first concert.
I was able to get it thanks to Mr. Cho Seung Woo's fan friends.

Currently, we can get it through

In this CD and DVD, he seems to be an Opera singer....., and he can play a piano and a saxophone.....
I imagine he has hothousing of music from early childhood.
In the site above, we can listen the first one minute of each song in this CD.
Song Number 12; "This is The Moment" from "Jekyll & Hyde" is no less liked by everybody because it has five stars.

In this CD, I like "Honesty" best. It is a very famous song and I listened it by various singers, so I was able to recognize well how splendid Mr. Hong Kwang Ho's singing is in this piece.

The concert hall is so big a…