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Tomomi Nishimoto; Mahler Symphony No.5 with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra ("A" Program)

September 21, 2009
Suntory Hall

Conductor: Tomomi Nishimoto
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Wagner: "Tristan and Isolde" Prelude and Isolde's Love Death
Mahler: Symphony No.5

"Wagner: Tristan and Isolde Prelude and Isolde's Love Death" performed by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra was super-duper. Strings colors of RPO are very beautiful, and it is so effective for this tune. Also, I think this piece suits maestro Tomomi Nishimoto well.

Regarding "Mahler: Symphony No.5", it is a varied and big tune indeed. I was tired after listenning this piece in two consecutive nights, so I imagine performers were much more tired.......
It was a really "Bravo!!!" performance in this day, too. Even after lights for audience seats are on, hurricane of applause did not die down, and the number of audiences who gave performers their standing ovation continue…

Tomomi Nishimoto; Mahler Symphony No.5 with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra ("B" Program)

September 20, 2009
Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall, Main Hall

Conductor: Tomomi Nishimoto
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Piano: Freddy Kempf

Mozart: The Abduction from the Seraglio (Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail) Overture
Mozart: Piano Concerto No.20 K.466
(Piano Encore) Chopin: Nocturne No.27-2
Mahler: Symphony No.5

This was one of the Japan concert tour of maestro Nishimoto and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO). There were three types of programs.

It was my first time to listen a live performance of RPO. I like their strings tune colour very much. It is brilliant. Especially, I like the violoncello's colour most.

I could enjoy the good performance of "the Abduction from the Seraglio Overture". I want to have this performance's CD.

I felt "Mozart: Piano Concerto No.20 K.466" was not so fine. I think Mr Kempf strained too much this day. "Chopin: Nocturne No.27-2" …

Tomomi Nishimoto conducting "Aida"

August 27, 2009
Statní Opera Praha

Conductor: Tomomi Nishimoto
King; L. Hynek-Krämer
Amneris; his daughter: Daniela Diakova
Aida; Ethiopian slave: J. Svobodová
Ramfis; Supreme Pontiff: O. Korotkov
Radames; chieftain: Gianiuca Zampieri
Amonasro; Ethiopian king, father to Aida: Jakub Kettner
Courier; J. Hruška
Priestess; D. Vaňkátová

Here is a picture taken in a back stage of Statní Opera Praha and maestro Tomomi's interview (in Japanese).

It was so hot and fine in Praha. I went there for the first time in four years. The previous trip to Praha was also for a maestro Tomomi's concert.
My impression for current Praha is a peaceful, safe, and beautiful town.

In the morning, I went to Statní Opera Praha first, and confirmed the place and casts. My hotel was almost in front of the th…

[CD] "Scheherazade" Tomomi Nishimoto conducting the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra

RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Scheherazade, Op.35
LISZT: Les Preludes
LISZT: Der Tanz in Dorfschenke, "Mephisto Waltz No.1"

Conductor: Tomomi Nishimoto
The Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra

Regarding "Scheherazade", I would like to hear "live" this performance so much. It is very much lyric and I can feel various wonderful colours hearing this piece. (We can see such colours hearing music conducted by maestro Tomomi almost always.) I think it is very high quality and beautiful performance.

It is very hot in Tokyo now, but while I hear this music in this CD, it brings to my mind scenes at sea and I can feel coolness.....

I like the theme of "Scheherazade" played by the leader so much. It is very elegant indeed.

Actually, I did not like this tune so much before, but after I heard this CD, I am very interested in it now.

I also like "Les Preludes" in this CD so much. It is very impressive. This tun…

Tomomi Nishimoto with George Enescu Philharmonic of Bucharest

May 30, 2009
Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall, Main Hall

Conductor: Tomomi Nishimoto
George Enescu Philharmonic of Bucharest

Bela Bartok: Rumanian Folk Dances, S.76
Sergei Prokofiev: Symphony No.1 in D major, Classical, Op.25
Johannes Brahms: Symphony No.1 in C minor, Op.68
Encore Johannes Brahms: Hungarian Dances No.5

All pieces were very interesting for me. Especially, hearing "Rumanian Folk Dances" at concerts in Japan is rare.

Internationally acclaimed maestro, Tomomi Nishimoto conducted prestige of Eastern Europe filled with tradition and innovation, George Enescu Philharmonic of Bucharest.
The orchestra sound was very velvety and kind, so I felt the characteristic is excellent with maestro Tomomi. I would like to hear many beautiful melody tunes in this combination. Almost players are elderly. The leader's solo was also fascinating.

Tomomi looked just fine, …

Tomomi Nishimoto conducting "La traviata" (Statní Opera Praha performed in Japan)

October 24, 2007
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

Conductor: Tomomi Nishimoto
Violetta: Norah Amsellem
Orchestra, Chorus, and Ballet: Statní Opera Praha

My seat was left side on the third floor to the stage, so I could enjoy both the stage and Tomomi's dramatic, bright, dinamic, beautiful, and fervent direction. She had a lead the whole performance well. Also, if I saw only her direction, I could always understand the opera's story through it.

I liked the singer as Alfredo's father best, and I think Mrs Amsellem's acting was very good.

The stage set was simple and stylish by an intent of the producer. However, I did not like the choreography at a party scene...

Maestro Nishimoto interprets that developments after Violetta's last aria is her reveries. I agree with her interpretation.

At the curtain call, it was impressive that Mrs Amsellem with a …


This was recorded on 21st October, 2008 in the Hungarian State Opera House.

Conductor: Tomomi Nishimoto

Tchaikovsky: Romeo and Juliet -Fantasy Overture after Shakespeare
Tchaikovsky: Capriccio Italian, Op.45
Dvorak: Symphony No.9 in E-minor Op.95 "FROM THE NEW WORLD"
Brahms: Hungarian Dance No.1 in G minor

I think there are deep values in this DVD. You can enjoy so much beautiful and great-flamboyant Hungarian State Opera House, and maestro Nishimoto's spirited direction and the orchestra's glowing performance responding to it. Both image and audio are very high quality. Eight high-definition cameras worked. The atmosphere and feeling of tension of this concert are packed in this DVD as it is.

I listened this concert in the opera house, and see myself on this DVD as an audience! It is so wonderful memories for me.

"FROM THE NEW WORLD" is overwhelming, and I think "Ro…

Kakegawa-birthplace of the Yamaha piano

July 30, 2007

I visited Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments ( and Yamaha Grand Piano factory in Hamamatsu. Both were very much interesting for me.

In Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments, I could see not only western musical instruments like various unique violins, but also many Asian very historic and deluxe musical instruments such as gamelan. They were so much beautiful!

At Yamaha Grand Piano factory in Hamamatsu, I could see some grand piano manufacture processes. However, from the beginning of early 2011, Kakegawa will be the center of Yamaha piano-making operation. You can hear some interviews of craftsmen, and see piano-making processes and a lot of related information in this website.

*The related Japanese article.…

Tetsuya Kumakawa, K-Ballet Company: Corsair

May 11, 2007
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Great Hall

Artistic director, Interpretation, Re-choreography, Revision of the script: Tetsuya Kumakawa
Original interpretation: Marius Petipa
Music: Adolphe Adam, etc.
Conductor: Kazuo Fukuda
Theater Orchestra Tokyo
Dancers: Tetsuya Kumakawa, Miyako Yoshida, Stuart Cassidy, Rie Matuoka, Takuya Wajima, Byambaa Batbold, etc.

You can see some pictures of this ballet here.

In this production, Mr Kumakawa gathered and used various music pieces newly.

I looked forward to seeing the ballet of Tetsuya Kumakawa and Miyako Yoshida. I think Miyako's face expression was more gorgeous than others.

Mr Kumakawa's jumps are so much high!! He jumped over 3 dancers who sat a sofa!!! It was very amazing!! Also, his turn was so much fast!…

Bruckner Orchestra Linz regular concert

April 18, 2007
Brucknerhaus, Linz (Austria)

Conductor: Tomomi Nishimoto
Piano: Benedetto Lupo

1. Prokofiev: Classical Symphony
2. Ravel: Piano Concerto in D major
3. Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.5

This concert was determined by the success of Praha Promos 2005 Japanese Night (

It was the second time to visit Linz for me, and I felt people there are very unassuming and kind. So, sightseeing there, including the church that Mr. Josef Anton Bruckner had been played an organ and Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, were so much enjoyable.

Brucknerhaus stands along the Danube which the water surface was very shining reflecting the setting sun. The atmosphere around it was so peaceful and I like it very much.

The audience of this concert were almost the local elderly dressed up, and I felt the atmosphere of the lobby with drinks and the concert hall were wo…